Tuesday, February 14, 2012

almost an empty room.

I never knew Whitney Houston. however, years ago, I worked for a while at the Sonesta Hotel in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. the late Ms. Houston was in town to do a concert appearance, and while she stayed elsewhere, her group of musicians and backing singers stayed at the Sonesta. one morning, early shift, I was asked to go and investigate water pouring from the ceiling in the main restaurant. we quickly traced this to one of the larger suites, where the backing singers from Ms. Houston's group were billeted. no answer at the door. as in, not even a peep, although they did not appear to have checked out. so in we went, with a pass-key, to find that partying had indeed gotten out of hand. the summit of the activities appeared to be that one of the singers had decided that a nice warm bath would be the thing to have after the evenings exertions. however, she obviously did not consider the bath comfortable enough, and dragged a mattras from one of the beds to the bath, and proceeded to let the water flow. passing out in the tub, the water, as it will do, continued to flow, and hence the reason for our now successful investigations as to the source of the errant h2o. the group were asked in no uncertain terms to leave the hotel, never to darken the door again, or indeed the walls. I was the person responsible for clearing up the room afterwards, and so know whereof I speak. now I can also reliably report that the richer the room's occupant, the less likely they are to think of the difficulties in cleaning up after them.

so, a strange coincidence which had me doing a little thinking on reading of the state in which the now deceased singer was found.

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